Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Five Favorite Tips From Allure Magazine's Dec 2013 Issue!

1) "An elaborate updo is the hairstyle equivalent of fruitcake: old fashioned, unyielding, and far from tempting. A soft unstructured bun paired with a cool accessory is a million times more appealing."

2) On what to do if you run into your boyfriend's ex at a holiday party: "If he broke up with her, stop holding his band and say hi. If she broke up with him, same thing, but you get to keep holding hands. If anyone cheated on anyone else, head for the bar."

3) On how to get the "sexiest lashes possible": "Start with a basecoat of waterproof mascara (like L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara). After that, layer on a (nonwaterproof) volumizing formula."

4) On fixing undesired eye makeup smears: "Get yourself some Almay Oil-free Makeup Eraser Sticks-there's makeup remover in the hollow stem of each swab. Break the tip to activate it, then really get in there and spot-clean."

5) On Victoria Secret fashion show inspired shimmery eyes..."After the usual shimmery shadow on your brow bone and at the inner corner, rim your waterline with a sparkly liner that matches your eye color."

What's your favorite tip from this issue?

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