Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pick A # For My Lipstick Giveaway!

Update: THE WINNING # IS 48!! Didn't win? Maybe you'll be luckier this week! Click here to pick a # for my mascara giveaway!

How It Works:

Basically, you pick a number of your choice, and if your number ends up being the winning number, you win a Revlon lipstick of your choice.*

1) Pick any whole number between 0-1000 by commenting below. Also, please leave your Twitter user name. This is how winners will be contacted. Be sure to follow @KaraGlamourBlog on Twitter if you aren't already.
Example Comment: 277 @KaraGlamourBlog

2) Only one entry per person please.

3) Contest ends 2/15/2014.

4) The winning number will be chosen randomly (via excel random number generator).

5) Entries are totally free!

6) Be sure to tell your lipstick loving friends to enter too:)

7) If you have any questions just send a tweet to @KaraGlamourBlog

*There are a maximum of 10 winners. If more than 10 people pick the same number and that number wins, then there will be a random drawing among those people to determine who the ten winners are.

Good luck! 


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  2. 714 @juliebourke94

  3. 802 @ youtookmyseat

  4. 27 @beautybybrett