Monday, July 15, 2013

7 Great Tips For Perfect Brows!

1. When using a brow pencil, hold it sideways as opposed to holding it like a crayon. Also, be sure to use light strokes.

2. Before filling in your brows, comb them into shape with a spooley brush. Also, use the brush to comb your brows when you are finished misting it with hairspray if you want extra staying power.

3. When using a brow pencil, go one shade lighter than your natural brow color. Confession: This is an expert tip I tend to break all the time. Guess I just love my brows dark. Probably not recommended though!

4. It's good to use both a brow pencil and a powder to fill in your lashes. Using a pencil alone can be too harsh.

5. Never over-pluck! You may end up with thin brows that don't grow for ages. Thick brows look healthy and attractive although keeping them shaped is a must!

6. When plucking remember that you want your brows to begin just over the corner of your eyes. Also, your arch should peak just above the iris.

7. Try to shape your brows to compliment your face shape. For example, round eyebrows tend to look best on heart shaped faces while a good arch is best for oval faces.


  1. What to do with hardly any brows due to age? How does one make sure to get symmetry, shape right? Suggestions?