Wednesday, March 26, 2014

4 Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom

It's Spring Cleaning Time! Check out this guest post by Garage Renew, a garage storage and organization company serving homeowners around Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, for some great organization tips!

4 Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom

First thing to do when organizing your bathroom is getting rid of all of the garbage. Pull out your drawers or open up the medicine cabinet and throw those old, half empty bottles of product that you know you’ll never use again. In the drawers there are excess cotton balls and Q-tips that are just attracting hair that can be tossed. Getting the old out, will make room for the new.

Plastic Tubs
When you are sorting out all of your products or tools in the morning, get plastic tubs to put things in. Having these tubs you can pull it out and have that entire one thing in it and when you’re done you can put it back in an organized manner. Label the lids of the tubs: hair products, nail products, cotton balls, makeup, wash cloths, etc.


Don’t just cram your towels into a small space. Getting small hooks that can be hung-up behind the door make for useful, space saving spots in the bathroom. The towels won’t get wrinkled and by hanging up used towels it will help with the smell and dry them out faster. For a more decorative look a cheap option like this, will open up space and make your bathroom look great.

After organizing into plastic tubs and hanging those towels up cleaning the bathroom is the last step. Get some soap and water and scrub your bathroom clean. There is no better feeling than having everything organized and also having a clean bathroom. Sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the mirror that is dirty from brushing your teeth in front of it every day and night; get a tub and tile cleaner and scrub the soap scum out of the tub; and wipe down the counter.

Whether you’re organizing your bathroom or your garage make sure to follow these tips. You can use these same tips throughout your house, not just for your bathroom. Having an organized house will make your life happier and healthier.

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